Who Are We

Amatco Group is a group of companies in various fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as follows:
Go to Alwan Alyamamah Tr. Co.

Alwan Alyamamah Tr. Co.

One of the largest subsidiaries of the Amatco Group, specialized in electrical appliances and air conditioning, which includes several exhibitions under the name of Hi Life and Bazaar without cartoon

Go to Alwan Alyamamah For IT

Alwan Alyamamah For IT

One of the companies of the Amatco Group, which specializes in the field of information technology and offers many services in many technical fields

Go to Alwan Alyamamah Con.

Alwan Alyamamah Con.

One of the subsidiaries of Amatco Group, which is interested in all matters related to civil works of asphalt, buildings, excavations and others. It is one of the companies receiving many projects in Saudi Arabia

Go to Nethal International

Nethal International

One of the companies that specializes in the sale and installation of desalination plants and plants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


A Detailed profile of Amatco Group

Our Vision :
Acquiring the local market specialized in all the services and products provided through all our companies and brands to be the first company in keeping with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030

The Message :
Adherence to the standards, conditions, standards and standards that contribute to our vision and to provide high quality products and services

Our Goals :
The pursuit of success in all fields of our employees and employees by us under the hands of specialists to achieve our vision and deliver our message beyond the age of

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